Here you will discover the musings behind the art. What I was thinking. How I was thinking or if I was thinking at all. 

A Procrastinator's New Year's Resolution

New Year's blog:

I don't like New Years. Every passing into the new year reminds me of all the unmet goals that I set the year before. Passing into 2014, I set the last goal that I actually achieved. That goal was to find a studio outside of my home studio which for personal reasons I could no longer work in. I went to Garner Arts Center and found Studio U in Building #24. For two years I expressed what I needed to there. I went there to paint. I went there to work out what I needed to on some very large personally emotional oil paintings that now lean against the wall covered in old bedsheets.

2016 was in many ways a year of uncertainty both creatively, personally, and politically. I am glad to say goodbye.

So here is to 2017. My wish is to now create something new and more positive. I have put aside the fantasy of public recognition or financial success from my paintings...if that is meant to happen it will find its way. For now, I am dedicating the time I have before my son leaves for college, to paint freely and see what comes. I have learned from my past that if I think too much about..."what will become of all this 'stuff'?", I will surely get bogged down.

time to paint for no audience

time to paint for no audience