Here you will discover the musings behind the art. What I was thinking. How I was thinking or if I was thinking at all. 

A Virtual Art Gallery

This is an online world we live in.

As a hoot, I entered an "online gallery competition". Colors of Humanity Art Gallery is an online gallery. This is a new venue for me. The "show" can be viewed strictly online. Each month this gallery presents a different theme. 10% of the proceeds they collect from entrance fees are donated to Your Safe Haven, a nonprofit agency that serves victims of all serious crimes and their families. The show I entered is entitled HUMAN NATURE.

Entries came from over 9 different countries and I felt honored to be selected. One never knows where any kind of exposure will lead.

To view this gallery of art just click on the following link:

Two of my portraits were chosen, "Eviscerate" and "Poison".

Both of these paintings are large scale portraits (6 feet square). In 2014 I began to paint portraits that were not just about the subject or what the person looks like, but how I feel about them. Before this time, I mainly painted children, capturing the various stages of their young lives. These are more psychological and personal. A portrait has the potential to expose our deeper and more layered human nature.