Here you will discover the musings behind the art. What I was thinking. How I was thinking or if I was thinking at all. 

Reflections on the End of A Year

Do I have to do this?

I have two children, teenagers really. My once chattering little boy has quietly grown into a young man of 16. My girl has one foot in the door and one out....itching to live on her own next year, or at least with a few hundred other college students. As she anxiously scours the mailbox for letters of "Yes", I paint her portrait at 17 secretly saying "No" don't leave. Stay softly asleep so that I may watch over you.

Do I have to do this? Do I have to let go of each year?

This particular year taught me many things. It taught me to give up on the fantasy, hope, or wish that the past can be different. I learned this year that even hope of a bright future is a hook and an illusion. This is not to say that the future won't be bright. I just won't assume anything nor take love for granted.

Quietly breathe, look and listen to the music of now.

"At 17" is one moment, neither good nor bad, black or white, then or next..........because everything is a work in progress.

Detail of "Grace at 17".....a work in progress